It's IBS

The blood work is back and everything is "normal". (They did NOT do the test for celiac though, because I hadn't eaten gluten in a couple weeks and the test is expensive and it's not always accurate, and blah blah blah.) The doctor said they don't know what's wrong so they'll just call it IBS … Continue reading It's IBS

Have you seen Food Inc?

Have you seen the movie Food, Inc. yet? WOW. It's a real eye-opener. I had no idea the animals were being treated that bad. And there's no reason for such inhumane treatment of the animals! I wish "network television" would show it and all Americans would watch it. People need to know what they're eating.

Bad news about our food supply

All I can say about this is ewwww... How Factory Farms Are Pumping Americans Full of Deadly Bacteria and Pathogens - We're getting sicker and sicker, thanks to gruesome conditions in animal agriculture nationwide. Here's more about our food safety... Chicken Safety: Consumer Reports Investigates Consumer Reports investigates chicken safety and how you … Continue reading Bad news about our food supply