Chad’s Produce, Market on State, Caputo’s

Thanks to Tara at Local Food Bee, I discovered Chad's Produce and bought a bunch of stuff this past weekend. Rainbow Carrots (1 bag) Cucumbers (3) Arugula (gallon-sized ziploc) Cilantro (he gave me his last 2 quart-sized bags for the price of 1 because it looked "wilty") Eggs (dozen) Strawberries (1 pint basket) Black walnuts … Continue reading Chad’s Produce, Market on State, Caputo’s

Market on State

I went to the new-ish Market on State this evening to check it out. Kirk from Fowers Fruit Ranch is super nice with lots of potatoes, onions, and apples for sale. Other vendors include Volker’s Bakery, Canyon Meadows Ranch grass-fed beef, Morgan Valley Lamb, Morrison Meat Pies, Nature Baked Granola, and Nü Nooz pasta. Check it … Continue reading Market on State

Creminelli Fine Meats at Whole Foods

Creminelli Fine Meats were at Whole Foods Sugar House today sampling their salami - no preservatives & no junk! I tried the Barolo, Casalingo, Tartufo, and Sopressata salami, and I bought the Barolo, Casalingo, and Piccante (not sampled but they assured me it's spicy, which I'm hoping will satisfy Luis' taste for spicy food). FANTASTIC … Continue reading Creminelli Fine Meats at Whole Foods

Sad cows

Yikes. More bad news about factory farms. The Straight Dope: Sad Cow Disease I don’t eat animal products unless I know how the animal was raised and two somewhat terrifying recent reports suggest that neither should you. I try not to get all preachy about lifestyle. I believe that people should spend their short amount … Continue reading Sad cows

I'm obsessed with Elana's Pantry

I haven't spent much time on posting anything lately because I've been spending my evenings reading / analyzing recipes and testing out possible dishes for Thanksgiving. It will be my first grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, starch-free (SCD) Thanksgiving. Right now I'm obsessed with Elana's Pantry - so many great recipes. I can't cook fast enough!