Broccoli chicken salad

Wednesday means grocery shopping for us - both Whole Foods and Sunflower Farmers Markets have good deals every Wednesday. At Sunflower Farmers Market, their sales run Wednesday to Wednesday, so you get the sales from both ads ("last week" and "this week") on Wednesdays. Yay! Savings galore! For Whole Foods, their rotisserie chickens are $6.99 … Continue reading Broccoli chicken salad

Bad news about our food supply

All I can say about this is ewwww... How Factory Farms Are Pumping Americans Full of Deadly Bacteria and Pathogens - We're getting sicker and sicker, thanks to gruesome conditions in animal agriculture nationwide. Here's more about our food safety... Chicken Safety: Consumer Reports Investigates Consumer Reports investigates chicken safety and how you … Continue reading Bad news about our food supply