Broccoli chicken salad

Wednesday means grocery shopping for us - both Whole Foods and Sunflower Farmers Markets have good deals every Wednesday. At Sunflower Farmers Market, their sales run Wednesday to Wednesday, so you get the sales from both ads ("last week" and "this week") on Wednesdays. Yay! Savings galore! For Whole Foods, their rotisserie chickens are $6.99 … Continue reading Broccoli chicken salad


Whole Foods Trolley Square is Open

I will include photos later, but just wanted to remind you that the new Whole Foods opened this morning at 9. It's nice and big with some cool new products - like self-grind cashew and pecan butter. And for those of you who can eat peanut butter and chocolate, there's also a self-grind chocolate peanut … Continue reading Whole Foods Trolley Square is Open