There are some great free classes coming up this month here in Salt Lake City! I was sad that I missed the Vegan Substitutions class at Sunflower Farmers Market last Tuesday. The vegan diet doesn’t work for me right now but I love learning about food and how other people maintain their health through their diet.

I’m looking forward to the raw food class this week on May 18. I went last month with my friends Cheryl and Trina and it was great. Merilynn made a coconut ceviche and gave us the recipe for it, so I made it at home a couple days later. Yum yum yum!

fire alarm
Sunflower Farmers Market fire alarm during class

The class was also quite exciting! The store’s fire alarm went off near the end of our class [not our fault; this was a RAW food class 🙂  ] and we were told to evacuate. But the ceviche was almost done and we’d been talking about it for an hour – we couldn’t just leave it behind. So we helped Merilynn roll the prep cart out to the front of the store where she finished the class and the ceviche.

If you’re curious about the class, here’s what Susan, the downtown SLC store’s Events Coordinator, sent me: “Raw Foods are those not cooked above 118’ to keep the enzymes alive which aids in digestion. Sunflower Market employee Merilynn Norell will demonstrate  easy methods to include raw foods into your diet.”

The next day, May 19, SFM has a class called “7 Building Blocks of a Healthy Body”. Here’s some additional info from Susan: “Dr. Keyworth is a doctor of Bioenergic Practice, a certified Biofeedback practioner and is a licensed Herbalist. In addition to instructing at I.B.E.M college in Colorado and Utah, she is a professional speaker on a wide range of health and wellness topics.”

On May 24, SFM has a class called “Omega 3s / Fish Oils and Vitamin D”. I didn’t ask Susan for any additional info on that class, but I already know I need more Omega 3s. I’ve been reading that most Americans get too many Omega 6s and need more 3s for balance.

There are also a couple of “Kids Club” events coming up and SAMPLING! Who doesn’t love it when food stores sample their products? On Saturday the 28th from 12-2pm, there will be sampling of some of the store brand products.

To view other classes offered at Sunflower Farmers Market, go to their site and click on News & Events, and then Store Events.

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