Apathy (Photo credit: Toban Black)

This blog has officially entered a state of blathy (blog apathy). I was inspired to acknowledge this sad condition by the Clever Zebo blog’s own admission of suffering from this affliction.

So… “What the heck happened,” you ask? Well, the problem wasn’t lack of ideas. I have about 10 posts in draft form. But I couldn’t seem to focus on finishing them and posting. One thing that got in the way was a change in my employment status that required I spend more time focusing on the areas of life called “career” and “income”.

Another was that I was having some extra challenges with my IBS. I seemed to be gaining weight, even while following the SCD strictly. I decided to take on the Primal Challenge in September. Since the SCD foods are basically the same as Primal foods, and I was already being strict with which foods I was eating, I focused on cutting my consumption of nuts and honey to get my carb intake under 50g per day.

It didn’t help. By Thanksgiving, *I* was in a state of apathy about my diet, and I went “crazy”, eating foods I know I don’t digest well and foods I’m allergic to. My body didn’t like that at all, and I gained even more weight. By Christmas, I didn’t fit in my pants and had to wear skirts with elastic waistbands. ARGH. Refusing to buy bigger pants, I got BACK on the Primal bandwagon and got strict with my diet again. My body wasn’t responding.

In mid-January, my husband and I decided to do the Master Cleanse. I know it’s controversial. I just felt like my digestive system needed a break, and I felt great on the cleanse the first time I did it in 2007. We made it all 10 days and felt great! I lost about 7 pounds and my husband lost about 15. I know that the naysayers will say that our bodies were eating our muscles. Whatever. I could tell that my fat (and my intestinal bloat) went down. I wasn’t back down into my summer 2010 (when I first started the SCD) skinny pants (5s and 4s), but I was back down into size 6s comfortably.

Coming off the cleanse, we introduced solid foods slowly, using guidance from the SCD Intro diet and the “sequel diet” from The Fast Track One Day Detox. My husband is still doing well (he doesn’t have diagnosed digestive issues but we’re pretty sure he’s lactose intolerant and probably gluten intolerant (as most humans probably are)) , but I’m back to having some digestive issues. I suspect my “gut flora” is out of whack, so I’ve added “naturally fermented” sauerkraut and a digestive enzyme supplement to my diet. I’m also eyeballing the SCD-legal probiotic supplement available online and will likely order that soon.

Now you know what I’ve been up to and dealing with.

How did you do over the holidays? Did you stop following your eating plan like me or did you stay strong? If you stopped, are you back on track now? If you stayed strong, how did you do it? Please share!

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