The Food Movement – will Foodies save the Greenies?

I had no idea I was part of a Movement. I didn’t even know there was a Food Movement going on. I just thought I was on a personal quest to make healthier food choices and get rid of the pain in my gut.

A couple weeks ago, I saw something about the TEDx Manhattan event – Changing the Way We Eat –  that had just happened a few days before. One link led to another, and I discovered this on about The Food Movement. Wow!

Foodies Can Eclipse (and Save) the Green Movement – In this article, the author makes the case that the common and mainstream push for better tasting and healthier food will make environmentalism more present in more people’s minds. After all, we handle food (buying, cooking, eating) several times per day, every day. It’s a little more tangible for us than thinking about the effects that climate change or deforestation have on our lives.

I’m happy to discover that I’m not alone in my quest!

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