Under 130

I went to the doctor today and I weigh less than 130 pounds for the first time in at least 10 years. And that was in clothes & shoes. I can’t even remember the last time I was under 130. Even when I did P90 & P90X several years ago, I never got under 130. Woo hoo! Take THAT grains & dairy!

I knew my clothes were getting looser, but I was surprised (I don’t weigh myself at home, so only know my weight when I go to the doc). I almost want to start exercising so I can get all buff to go along with my thinness. 🙂

I’ve lost >10 pounds since I went to the doc a year ago (& I think it was mostly in the past month) without exercising. My only exercise used to be walking around MMP, but I haven’t even had that for the past 7.5 months. I’ve just been sitting on my butt in front of the computer, tweaking my resume & applying for jobs.

I even almost have a waist now. I always thought I just had one of those “boy shapes”, but maybe it was actually an allergic reaction to foods all these years. Crazy!

And I was nervous because I’ve been eating so many almonds in the form of almond flour & almond butter. So much fat…

Thank you to Candice for telling me about SCD & for being so public with what you’re dealing with. I don’t think I’d have figured this much out about my gut without your example!

Now we wait for my blood work to tell us why I still have pain – might just be that my gut is still healing, but we’ll see.

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